Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you accommodate accessibility? 

We have a dedicated page that explains how we make this site more accessible. 

Why have you performed this work? 

The UK Government commissioned Copper Horse to identify the number of app stores that exist and map the stores globally. There was no comprehensive source of truth when it comes to the world’s app stores, so this is it – or at least the start! 

What data is included in this dataset? 

This dataset is a comprehensive list of app stores, globally. An app store, for the purposes of this research, is a digital distribution platform for software. This research reviewed app stores for various devices.

How was this data gathered? 

The review was conducted by exploring the available open source data. Through various articles, reports, and studies of app stores we were able to build up the global picture, as well as data available directly from the app stores themselves. Some of the gathered data was clearly out-of-date with lots of dead links. In some cases, the app stores themselves were not genuine, so a lot was left on the cutting room floor to create this site. 

What tool was used to create the visual map? 

We used the Maptive platform to map this data. 

How do I navigate the visual map? 

Use our dedicated page to learn how to navigate Maptive. 

Where were the logo images, included in the mapping, sourced? 

Primarily, these logos were sourced from: the app store’s website, social media, and with a small number of images being sourced from the app store’s Wikipedia. The images are the copyright of the original owners.

Nashstore Image

License – CC BY-SA 4.0 

Will you develop this mapping further? 

We intend on reviewing the app store data in a timely manner and will update the website when appropriate.  

Why didn’t you include X app store? 

We have endeavoured to create as extensive of a list of global app stores as possible. Finding accurate data for the app store space can be difficult, and is an ever-changing ecosystem. There may be lesser-known platforms or new additions to space that have yet to be mapped. If you feel there is data missing or incomplete feel free to contact us on the email address below. 

Is there a downloadable copy of the data available? 

Yes, all the data is available as open data on this site in JSON, CSV and ODS formats. 

Am I able to reference this work?

Yes, at the bottom of each page of this site, there is a tool that provides referencing in multiple different styles.

How can I contact you? 

If you have any questions related to this site, or any additions, feel free to contact us: appstores[@] 

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